Friday, June 19, 2020

Musiings after years of writing many inmates

The more inmates i encounter, the more i realize just how broken our system is, and even broken so many families & individuals are in this country.  It really saddens me.  Although, i have had my fair shares of problems & hard times, i have always had solid, caring, loving parents & family behind me.  Most of the inmates i correspond with do not.  What might i have become, had i not been born to the parents i have?  And what might i have raised up as my child?  My daughter & I have so many blessings & so much to be grateful for...thanks to the wonderful parents i have been given.  As i continue to work on myself, hopefully i can pass some of that learning on to my inmates.  But it must be said, much learning...much knowledge has come to me through them.  I cannot express enough how it is a two-way street when you write to an inmate.  What they give back to you is golden, if you can humble yourself enough to listen.  

What can be learned from an inmate.  Well, these people have lost everything.  They have literally nothing.  And yet, something bright & shiny, that no man can take away from them, shines through.  The beautiful soul, given by God.  The hope for a better future.  The faith that binds the souls collectively, of those that find God.  For when all is lost, a person only has God to depend on.  Humility, humanity, and Love for those that reach out for it.  The ability to not be judgemental.  Not all have this...many are lost like sheep.  But many do find God.  And those are the ones i call "The Beautiful People".  

Remember, Jesus commanded us to visit those in jail.  If we are Christian, it is our duty to visit or write to those incarcerated.  Jesus said, what we do for the least of society, we do directly for him.  Providing a letter to a lonely inmate is like giving them a treasure.  For rare is the person willing to let their guard down & put their judgement aside & share their life with an inmate.  Receiving a letter from an inmate is like a bar of gold.  It's value cannot really be expressed in terms of money.  I encourage everyone to write to an inmate.  It will truly better & enrich your life....if you let it.  

Peace & love be upon all you that read this.  Remember, you do not have to be perfect, you need only try to better yourself each day.  

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