Monday, January 20, 2020

I haven't blogged for a long time my apologies. Figured it was time to start blogging again. I'm really excited to add a couple of new inmates one from Texas and one from Arizona to my list of letter writing and the newsletter. I am hoping 2020 is going to be a great year and that we're going to see a lot of case reversals, a reduction in inmates being sentenced to long term, more intervention for drug abuse, And most important a moratorium on the death penalty . That said I have exciting news, Melissa Lucio in Texas had her case reversed in the 5th Circuit Court of appeals and the state of Texas is appealing that, but we're waiting on the decision right now. And the other exciting thing is that a lady I write on Oregon death row, who is the sole death row Inmate in that state for the ladies  and her name is Angela McNulty  and she had a rotten deal as well and she has been granted a new trial, so that's exciting to me.  Melissa was not allowed to present any defense experts, her prosecutor is sitting in federal prison for 15 years for racketeering and taking bribes so he's not too nice of a fellow and I think that all his cases should be closely looked at to make sure that they don't deserve a new trial because he had the way he cheated and falsified court documents.   
Today I'm just working on some letters and trying to get some ideas for a February newsletter.Coming up I have to call entel productions and they are planning on shooting a documentary about shawna f0rdwho is on Arizona death row and i'm not sure why they want me to call but I'm getting ready to find that out and the other exciting thing is that we're working on putting a podcast together about shawna Ford,  i'm not sure when that will air but that is in the works. 
 I wish each one of you light love peace God bless you all Amen

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