Thursday, July 18, 2019

Revision to my post entitled "The Footprints" posted August 30, 2015

This revision is made in regards to the late Mr. James Chron, of the Dallas police/sheriff dept.  

In my post, i decided to allow my lifelong dislike & even hatred of police & other authority figures to influence me.  Luckily for me, i have grown up a little bit since then.  I had decided to pick on Mr. Chron's education or lack there of to say he was not qualified to look at & compare some footprints left at the Routier crime scene on June 6, 1996.  
No, he's not a forensic podiatrist.  I have since learned, his method of evaluating the prints are used across America.  And accepted in courts across America.  Routier's lawyers did not object nor did they chose to hire a forensic podiatrist. It has never been brought up on any of her appeals.  Mr. Crohn's education has never been questioned on appeal.  Matter closed for me.  And i apologize to anyone i may have offended.  

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