Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's a new day....

Yesterday was not very good.  I allowed myself to transgress into some of my "old" ways for awhile now.  I put the brakes on, Screech! Time to stop, self awareness must kick in high gear now!!!'s a new day.  Yesterday is gone!!  And while i can't go back and redo things i did wrong.....I can recognize, i was doing wrong and i can own it and move forward because....It's a new day!!!   

God knows every little thing that was wrong with me and why i backslid into some old habits.  And I've taken some steps to prevent those things from creeping back into my new day and cause me grief.  I have enough grief dealing with the aftermath of my sister's murder.  I do not need more.  But more important than the things i did to prevent future problems is the fact i went to God, was forgiven, and now he will ensure i succeed in all i do.  

I have God's forgiveness.  I do not need to worry about people that wish to hold things against me.  They are not important and have no dominion in my life.  They are mere distracters and i have now prayed they be removed from my life.  

Be careful to not be a "distracter" to someone's faith and life.  God will have a lot of wrath on those that do.   

Now, it's a new day!!!  Time to do some work for the Lord!!  Time to smile and move into compassion mode!!  Time to write some letters!!  God bless you all that read this.  God is great!! Dont miss the chance to have him in your life!!!  

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