Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just a note

Welcome to all readers new and old.  If you are new and wondering what this blog is about....go to pages and you can read about what brought me here, the how and why, the nitty gritty, i dont hold back much as i tell my story.  Why?  Well, i felt called to do for 2 reasons.  1.  I needed to finally come to terms with the mess that had become my normal and 2. I wanted to let others know, "look at my mistakes and transgressions and still God loves me, he's been very generous to me, and he's kept me alive many times that i otherwise would not have been.   God loves us us all and he loves you too. "  His son Jesus Christ is just waiting for you to invite him in.  He turns no earnest request away.  In fact, he loves sinners very much, he choose them for his disciples and he dined with sinners every day, he came to save not to condemn.   
Being a Christian doesn't take away the fun in your life or joy, it gives joy and peace, true happiness.  The Lord can make still any unrest within you.....We are not perfect, no one is......But we love our Father and he loves us back so many ways.  And we do fall down, but he's there to help us back up.  Much love to all that dont have to because he's there for you too. 

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