Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Concerning Melissa Lucio TX DR

Melissa's federal appeal with the district court issued a memorandum and order together with a final judgement, petition was denied and dismissed with prejudice. Further appeals are discretionary with the courts. In order to appeal further, they must obtain permission in the form of a Certificate of appealability (COA) from either the District court, Court of appeals. Since the District court has already denied COA, they must try via the Court of Appeals. This must be done within the next 30 days. In order for the court to grant the COA they must demonstrate the lower courts decision was debatable among jurist of reason. To the extent the court finds they have met that standard, Mel will have the opportunity to submit additional briefing arguing not just the debatability of the outcome, but what outcome should be and why. Now that she has entered the 5th Circuit, that process usually takes 9 to 12 months to reach a decision and then she will move to her LAST appeal with the US Supreme Court. Melissa states she's not worried because the Courts are NOT control God is....but i'm asking please pray!!

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