Friday, June 24, 2016

Another new lady at PV

Some may wonder why i have suddenly picked up so many inmates that are not on DR.  I was appalled and shocked at what i believe is the worst female prison in the USA, Perryville prison in Goodyear, AZ.  I don't believe anyone ever had a good year in Goodyear.  The suicide rate is extremely high for inmates and even ex inmates.  Prison's not a free ticket to a luxury spa but it should rehabilitate and no one is rehabilitated in a prison with an almost 50% recidivism rate.  PV has a new warden now and some improvements are being made.  Pray it continues.   

I become concerned over the women coming out of PV and returning like a revolving door.  If we treat people horrible they will come out of prison angry and worse than they went in and that means they are likely to re-offend and that means we all are at risk to become victims.  I dont want there to be any more victims.  I believe with some love and guidance from positive persons, inmates can in fact turn their life around.  Many have no one writing or calling or visiting.  Sometimes, just knowing someone cares can really help and make a person try harder to do what's right.  

My new lady was actually refereed to me by Shawna Forde who is on DR at PV.  She made me aware this lady needed some calls made for her to receive some medical intervention for a problem.  Appropriate channels intervened and she's getting the medical care now. But i also got another lady to write to as she indicated she wanted to correspond and wanted to hear about the Lord too.  This makes me real happy as this  lady is opening the door to save her soul for eternity should she accept Jesus and live for him now.

  I believe she will/does and that things will start to turn around for her personally because once you call upon Jesus and accept him, he will not let u go.  Only good things can happen in your life, inside your heart with Christ.  That doesnt mean bad things wont occur from other sources in your life.  But it does mean you have a personal savior to keep you going on your insides and you are never alone.  The Lord can change the hearts and minds of even your worst enemies if you ask and believe.  

May God Bless every set of eyes that reads this blog and bring about positive change in their lives.  Put your pain and burdens upon the Lord, he will lighten your load and fill you with peace.  The demons of the Lords adversary will surely come running but with Jesus they wont stay long.   

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