Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thrilling update on one of my ladies

I have an earlier post called the "new lady", she was newer to death row than most of the inmates i write but she was also new to me as she had just started to correspond with me since my Christmas card blitz.  My thrilling update wont be what the majority of folks will be expecting.  I believe most would be expecting i would be posting her case was overturned, she was commuted to life, or some such thing.   Instead it's not even close and has nothing to do with her case at all.  

We have only been writing since late Dec of 2016 but in that space of time she's written me many, many times.  This last time was different tho.  I got a card in April from her.  It was the very first time she sent me anything pertaining to religion.  She states they cant buy greeting cards so she made me one.  It had a cross on the cover surrounded by different colored jeweled tiles she had drawn and colored.  Inside she wrote out the verse for Gal 5:20, she thanked me for my minor help in locating someone for her and asked God to bless me for it, saying in the accompanying letter something like, "you will never know how much the small things you for us inmates means to us".   She signed off by stating she was praying for me and hoped to be able to repay my kindness one day.   

I had to fight off tears of joy because you see, what that inmate gave to me was worth much more to me than all the gold in the world.  She gave to me proof my planting seeds of God's love is actually working.  In my reply i told her she could repay the kindness by praying for God to continue to guide me and that i would listen and obey, that would mean more to me than gold.   Once you start hearing the word of God, reading the word of God, writing/saying the word of God to others, praying to God for anything or anyone....well you now have God in your life and little by little he will win you over.  And it all starts with a little seed.  You plant that seed and the Lord will water and nourish it.  

I do know exactly how much the little things mean.  I have lived through some pretty rough times/things.  I have hit rock bottom more than once.  And every time it's been the little tiny random acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures done by others that have gotten me by mentally and sometimes physically.  Sometimes the smallest of deeds will literally lift the person you do them for up and out of despair.  Also revealed to me is the fact that those doing the small acts of kindness for me were planting seeds also and although it took awhile, a long while even, the seeds were indeed being nurtured by the Lord and finally sprouted.   

I am praying to my wonderful Lord that everyone who reads this will indeed be blessed and their seeds will be nourished  and  they too will make use of the opportunity to plant some seeds of their own for God.  Not sure how?  Or maybe your worried how you might be perceived?  Maybe you just feel guilty because you do not attend church or your not living the most "Godly" of lives?  It's really quite okay, because God loves you anyway.  Lord Jesus loves you anyway.  In fact, he loves you so much he died for you.  Small steps equal giant bounds in your spiritual future.  You do not have memorize the bible in a week.  You do not have to try to be a Saint overnight.  You do not have to make all these painful changes and become something your not.   If anyone ever tells you different you can know they are not telling the truth.  This is very simple.  It's humans that make it so difficult.  Once you start to get God into your life with just 1 simple step or maybe 2, you will progress and your life will change for the better until you dont even know who that person was when you look back.  And i promise you wont miss that person either.  So simple and yet so many will just turn a blind eye.  Or make life unbelievably difficult like i did for over 30 years.  Give God a try, you cannot lose.  He already knows you, he already loves you and in fact he loved you well before you were ever conceived.  He's waiting. Just say, "Dear Lord Jesus, i accept you as my Lord and savior, thank you for loving me, thank you for dying for me.  Please come into my life.  Help me plant some seeds so that my own seeds will be blessed by you and flourish. Amen".    It doesnt get much simpler than that.  However, you have to truly mean it and look for ways to commit small random acts of seed planting for the Lord.   Continue to say that prayer or something similar, keep inviting him in!  I promise he has great things in store for you!!  Just like he has had for me!! Be blessed.....

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