Monday, May 2, 2016

The need for prison correspondences!

I just wanted to take the time to really encourage anyone reading this blog to reach out and write an inmate!  There's proof writing to and mentoring  inmates decreases recidivism rates for those inmates that will be returning to society.  And proof it can help those in for life be productive and live meaningful lives while incarcerated.  This also makes for a better and safer work environment for the guards and prison staff who perform a very difficult  and dangerous job.  

As Christians, we are to witness Christ to others.  It's not optional, it's a requirement and it's important.  This doesn't mean door to door knocking has to be done or flying overseas to a foreign land.  It can be as simple as reaching out to an inmate about the love and forgiveness of Christ.   We are not to judge and criticize others but rather to treat them and do for them as if they were Christ himself.  

The Lord makes multiple references to those in prison.  And let's not forget, Christ himself was sentenced to death, although he committed no crime, he was forced on death row, and murdered.  He has not forgotten those in jails, prisons, and on Death Row.  It's never too late to find the Lord.  Never!  Where better to begin than with the segment of society "tossed away" and "forsaken" by most.....those in prison!   

Think you have nothing to offer an inmate?  I can assure you, you are mistaken!  You have a life of experiences to share.  You have yourself and a few moments here and there and that's all it takes to make a huge impact in someone else's life.   I am going to add a page with inmate names/address that like to receive mail/cards.  Make a difference today!!  

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