Friday, March 4, 2016

So what's new?

I have picked up several new pen pals, all ladies and 1 gentleman.  Some from Chowchilla Women's prison in CA, Some from Tutweiler's Women's prison in AL, some from NC's women's correctional facility, More from TX's Mountain View prison and AZ's infamous Perryville women's prison.  And 1 from Men's prison in AZ.  Not all are on DR, some are lifer's, several from Perryville in AZ will be getting out in the next few years.   All new from my Christmas campaign with mailing out cards.   There are a few more that were interested enough to send back a card or a Thank you; and i intend to message them as well whether i hear back again or not, i will send little bits of inspiration and encouragement.  After all, it took me 1 year of trying to establish a friendship with 1 inmate whom i feel has greatly enriched and enhanced my life and the way i do things.   I am still somewhat behind in everything i do, as usual, including answering letters.  I had typically answered all letters within 2 weeks and usually shorter.  It's taking me a 1 month to 3 weeks to respond back and i am trying to get that within the 1 to 2 week time frame again.  I am as impatient as they come and if i'm impatient to get my mail, with all the other things i have going on in my life....what must it be like for the inmate waiting for the mail which is a daily highlight in their life?  
I will refer less by name as a few of the inmates i write to now wish to keep low profiles as they are taking their lawyer's advice and i will post about only inmates by name/location that have told me specifically they want me to and/or send things for me to post such as artwork, poems, etc.
I have wrote to Tiffany Cole in FL for almost 2 years now, she's made a real impact on me, on my life and belief in the Lord and spoken to me with the Holy Spirit guiding her pen.  More than once Tiff's wrote to me about very specific topics that she had no way of knowing how they were affecting me at the time.  Her long hand written devotional and words lifted me up and caused me to renew my devotion to God and his work for me.   When i mentioned this to her, she merely laughs and says she's not surprised because that's how the Holy Spirit works. Tiffany loves the Lord and follows him daily by staying in the word and sharing it with others.  She doesnt waste her time on those not believing she's a born again Christian or that she's sincere.  She's taught me to stop worrying about what evil people have to say to or about me and just get on about my work and stay in the word!!   I will post a pamphlet she sent me after our discussing my baking Jesus a birthday cake at Christmas time.

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