Tuesday, February 2, 2016


We are excited to announce a couple of things.  First of all i have picked up so many new ladies to write to off America's shameful DR's.  I have added new ladies from NC, AL,  CA and 5 new ones from AZ that are in max custody but not DR.  Exciting stuff for certain!  With a possible 6 to 8 more who sent Christmas cards back as i will reach out to them in hopes they want to have a friend.
Next, i have teamed up with a former inmate from TX, Christina Cathcart Perry of "Freedom Bound" and "Hidden Treasures" websitesand she and i will make a massive attempt to reach as many inmates as possible over the next year.  We want to spread the word of Christ like wildfire.  These people are thirsty, we shall give them drink.  With the help of my new friend i am going to be able to help a bit more with ex offenders as well.   That brings me great joy because what good would it do to  find your way in prison only to get out and be kicked to the curb.  No job and no one's hiring felons.  No place to live and no ones renting to felons.  How are these ladies (and men)  to keep from re-offending?   What if no one would give you a chance and no one cared?  How awful!!  Makes no sense because if you want your streets safe, people have got to be able to get a job and a place to live.
Big Huge thanks to Gloria Killian, ex DR inmate CA, exonerated, now a lawyer helping women inmates in CA and fighting the CA DP, for donating Christmas cards for next year!!  We appreciate this so much!!  I like to start on handwriting the verses and general message in these now because there's so many to make out and so much to say!!!   Then at Christmas they can be personalized for each inmate.  Thanks again Gloria!!

We would like to thank our supporters and readers!!  And wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!  Please check "Freedom Bound" website for an easy option to send a card or letter to an inmate.  http://www.freedombound.org/   And "Hidden Treasures" for cards, stationary, and other gifts!!  http://www.ourhiddentreasures.com/    

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